New Zeugo 2006 by Parodi and

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New Zeugo 2006 by Parodi and

Post by pierrebi »

ProfiBase is the german company which is specialized in the production
of playing materials for professional subbuteo/table-football and which has designed
the bases for the players of Zeugo 2006.


Post by iougs »

How come Profibase is now involved with Zeugo/Parodi?

Wasn't it an Astrobase affair (base-wise) up until now?


Post by pierrebi »

This is a copy and past from translated by babelfish, sorry I do not have time to correct it, I hope you can understand :

PS you have to read team where is written square!

Fiends, I have waited for to along before giving this news, wanted to speak to the present and not to the future, above all I did not want to instill false hopes then refutation from the facts. Hour has come the moment, is the facts. Approximately a year and means it makes I contacted the Parodi company of Genoa, as many know the Italian company that he has been the craftsman of the happened one in our country of the Subbuteo in years ' 70-' 80, and explained them how making good bases, say "professional", in order to use our language. In effects their Zeugo product is not other that the old Subbuteo, but under an other name. Why then not to improve it thanks to our acquaintances puts into effect them? I explained they that the shape ProfiBase C, created from me around to 1995, is that one that by now without some shadow of doubt has been asserted to agonistico level like the best one. The company, in particular in the person of Arthur Parodi, was demonstrated fascinated from the idea and understood that this was the direction to take in the production of the game on scale trades them. In the period elapsing between that moment (January 2005) and today has been started the production of such bases in China, to sell not single, like is accustoms we to you, but mounted under to traditional omini the Zeugo. Just from little such new have arrived finally Zeugo squares. The base can be comparable for shape and dimensions to a C8 standard (for the description of such model see the rubrica base-sale in the situated one Regarding my C8 the plastic of the miniatura Zeugo 2006 is various, po' a more hard, but in any case much good one, above all for principianti. The bottom is not polished by hand, for our agonistico use to high level is sure necessary to polish it, the principianti today can but senz' other begin therefore (had even had we to the age such miniature!). The squares Zeugo 2006 are in synthesis of the optimal squares in order to begin to play and above all in order to promote the game. The clubs, that they wanted to have of the material to distribute to the new arrivals, can hour with one spold minimal to acquire one ten of squares to hold them to disposition. After the happened revolution to agonistico level around to 1995, today, after approximately 10 years, it has happened therefore a revolution similar also to commercial grade them: in whichever store of giocattoli it is possible in fact to order or quite already to find one square mounted on good bases absolutely adapted to principianti to an accessible price to all. This was in fact to my opinion the indispensable condition for throws again on wide scale of subbuteo-soccer from table: the production of a product trades them that it was to the level of the technical development puts into effect them and was taken advantage of the progresses completed to agonistico level in last the 10 years. Hour does not remain that to put itself to the job in order to attract to children and children to the game, to transfer to they our passion, that the more stimulating challenge remains the more difficult thing but also, the entusiasmante game to play. As far as the availability of the squares, at the moment there are 43 models, that traditional of the catalogue Zeugo more 3 new (second Juve mesh, Mexico, PSV Eindoven). For that it concerns the prices, ProfiBase rivende the Zeugo squares to 10 euro one (included shipment expenses), but there are forts you discount for who acquires more squares. It is for the images of the squares is for prices, availability and other looks at the page web

Beloveds salutes to all Marco de Angelis

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Post by lionofludesch »

I like the word "improve". Depends on your view.
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Post by Grap »

Just had an email from Marco deAngelis (Profibase). The teams are 10 euro incl. p&p to the UK; 5% extra for using PayPal; no extra charge (at least from Profibase) for paying using bank transfer.


Post by Guest »

5% extra for paypal :?:

dont see why, so any discount for buying multiple teams is lost for paypal payment...oh wonderful :-(


Post by pierrebi »

Rich wrote:5% extra for paypal :?:

dont see why, so any discount for buying multiple teams is lost for paypal payment...oh wonderful :-(
10:100x5=0.50 not 1.00!!!
45:100x5=2.25 not 5.00!!!
80:100x5=4.00 not 20.00!!!

paulo souza
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Post by paulo souza »

I think the extra cost is fair considering how much i have had to pay for postage from Italy before, just think of the extra as postage costs.

Not bad i don't think as Profi base have a good name and also have good quality products for playing.


Post by greyhound »

Zeugo 2006 by Parodi (Sets, teams and accessories) are in the shops again here in Livorno! The prices aren't so high: hope the kids wiil go for it!

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