A couple of players i've painted

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A couple of players i've painted

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Hi everyone,

Here are a few pictures of a team, and 1 player i painted myself. The 1938 Leeds United team were painted on 2K4 players, and the box made by myself from an old style C100 type box, with a number 68006 on the box.

The Penguine style Birmingham City was painted on a New Footy figure from Little Plastic Men. I'm mot planning to paint a complete team of these, so you won't see them on eBay :razz:

I have finished my project of painting 1 player in all of the 22 teams from the 1938 English Division 1 Season, and will post some pictures shortly.

Here are the pics:

Leeds United 1938 Picutres.





Birmingham City Penguin 1971


Cheers for now everyone,


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Nice matey
Bored to FLICK


Post by mahler005 »

Nice stuff.

I'm looking forward to seeing the array of players from 1938. BTW, any special reason for picking that year?

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