BEWARE!: Vintage days - experience report

Discussion about the Vintage Days football game.
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George Best jr.

BEWARE!: Vintage days - experience report

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BEWARE of Vintage days.
After reading my experience report you will know why.

1. Vintage days is/was a small table top football manufactory lead by David Gibson (Dave Gibson), resident in Wem, near Shrewsbury, in the county of Shropshire, till September 2013, then address unknown.
His name as Ebay member is: mr_noz
His primary occupation is musician. He´s drummer of the Rockabilly band Ten Bob Millionaires, very active, more infos under
2. I became acquainted with David Gibson at the beginning of March 2013 after buying two vintage teams at Ebay. Shortly after an e-mail correspondence developed in which I got a lot of informations about Vintage days, its spirit and the differences in contrast to Subbuteo. I placed a private order of three teams more and I won via an Ebay auction a special 1930 World Cup box set with 13 teams and a few additions.
I payed for this WC edition more than 200 pounds and nearly 100 pounds for the five teams.
I asked for changing the bases cos the original Corda Image II bases look stunning with their retro effect but I dislike playing tabletop football with them. Mr. Gibson offered me very generously to change the Corda Image II bases into flat Raptor bases without extra charge. Needs just a bit time cos the Raptor bases have to be ordered by the Corda Company.
3. During the whole time Mr. Gibson made a serious impression and we had an intensive and always harmonic eMail-correspondence. Iam very curious about people and new manufactories developing “new” or repros of all kind of Subbuteo or related table top soccer things and Iam mind open for them. Very appreciated.
Of course I knew about the discussion about Vintage days in this forum and the different opinions. So I was interested in getting detailed infos by the developer of Vintage days, Dave Gibson. Mr. Gibson told me that he is very disappointed about some reactions at the forum, he felt misunderstood.
4. After a few weeks Mr. Gibson told me that there are problems cos at the moment the Corda company is not able to deliver Raptor bases. A lot of colour combinations are sold out, he gave me a detailed information about the Corda situation but he was opimistic that he can organize the missing bases and discs.
In the last years I ordered a lot of things by small manufactories or private painters, especially in UK, and I know that sometimes delays could happen, cos of different reasons. But I never made any bad experience.
Once in a while I asked about the situation and always Mr. Gibson explained me very detailed the cause of the delay.
5. In May/June I became more and more suspicious of him and I asked directly the Corda company about the base problem. Neil told me that the problems are for a longer time solved and that every base combination is possible to order. I confrontated Mr. Gibson with this info. He told me that Corda has now “new” Raptor bases, slightly different to the older ones, but he´s working to solve the problem … and it´s now impossible to send the teams with Image bases cos of the cutted pins.
6. At last in July he told me that now all bases are complete and in August he wrote that he can deliver immediately: “Now the packet is ready to be send!”
And he told me that he is going to close Vintage days and its homepage transitionally cos of financial and material problems.
7. Nothing happened, no packet, no teams, no answers to my mails for weeks. I began searching his address and phone number, time-consuming but successfully cos of his band and the help of his band mate Howard who told me that David is going to move. I told him the story of the delay and the packet and he gave the info to David. And I let also my messages to Mr. Gibsons answering machine, three times.
8. At the end of September the wonder happened. I´ve got a packet which included the WC 1930 box edition, all teams with Raptor bases. A very fine work, very special, really good. BUT the other five teams were not included. And Mr. Gibson dropped me a mail in using the account of Howard with his famous last words:
I will contact you as soon as possible.
9. Till today nothing has happened. No second packet, no reactions when dropping mails to his band mate. In March 2014 I delivered my last message:
”Last chance to send the five teams or returning the money – or I will inform via internet the whole Subbuteo community about my sad experiences. In life everything has its price.”
10. Well, that’s now the price Mr. David (Dave) Gibson has to pay – he damaged his name lasting, also his work and his project Vintage days.
Was it worthwhile???
11. The loss of the money won´t kill me, it´s more a human disappointment that after so many mails and a personal relationship someone shows his true colours.
A sad story.
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