Some Original Defence Rules

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Re: Some Original Defence Rules

Post by lionofludesch »

ralphtheclaret wrote:
20 Oct 2017, 17:52
lionofludesch wrote:
20 Oct 2017, 17:37
It annoys me, when playing with flats, when some uneducated opponent thinks you've missed, not realising that the figure will come back and hit the ball after completing a couple of orbits. :angry:
very true :lol:
Ah - a fellow sufferer. :-({|=
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Re: Some Original Defence Rules

Post by ralphtheclaret »

I find blocking hard work if I've been playing with OO figures for any lengh of time ... got to really think about what I'm doing with the flats or I curl them all over the place blocking for the first couple of games :)

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